Monday, March 19, 2012

My Talking Notepad or Notebook!!!

Note: Please read with agitation, the author has written in the moment of the occurrence of the event.

Sometimes I feel I should have had a notepad to spit all the thoughts that came rushing like the whirlwind into my mind... times like me walking in the metro station with people who JUST DON'T MOVE!... obviously unaware and unconcerned with my habitual lateness and necessity to rush... and I as impatient as ever and never at fault, calling them nincompoops and imbeciles and ordering away with raised voices in my head... Sometimes and just sometimes voicing it out loud and hastily making sure i wasn't wrong in doing so :p.... Oh! I SOOO wish I had a talking notepad shouting, throwing sarcastic comments at useless people on my behalf and me looking confused and then suitably apologetic for my talking notepad/book who not unlike a talking parrot had a mind of its own and couldn’t control it’s impulses when it came to crowds..... of course gleefully (guilty pleasure aaahhhh!!!) enjoying the entire conversation on the side....
My talking notepad or notebook …. which wouldn’t mind me being confused 
at this stage with what i want to call it …. would come to my rescue when I give away my seat to an old lady whose daughters stamp on my feet, push me away seemingly unaware of my good deed and presence where i stand right next to them and manage to push me again to a distant pole just to be safe from such crass, disrespectful, black sheep of the female species (for lack of choice of using dirty words) …... which mind you I am trying hard not to use in my mind as well.... coming back to the point... would help me by yelling at them and telling them what i really think …. STEALER of my seat (this is in reference to the second seat, which they grabbed from me by pushing me away AGAIN!!!) and couldn’t even bother to acknowledge my presence... oh its not the seat that i grieve but the big stamping and romping of my right to stand and pushing me around while being so self absorbed in their bitching of other’s footwear and need for pedicure..... aarrrghhhh!!! now I could really grab their fat, piggy necks and chortle them ….. or better still just wash my hands of this violence and let my talking notepad takeover heheheheh ;)..... Now wouldn’t that be nice!!! … So now you know one of the many reasons why I may or any person in the right mind who wouldn’t care to make a scene but get tempted to teach some insensitive cad a lesson would love to have it :)

Disclaimer: The author is not prone to physical violence, but impulsive moments of mental outbursts only!!